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Winter in Tel Aviv, my favorite season


Shopping before the storm


In Israel, a storm warning is like a war alert. Residents in Tel Aviv stocked up with groceries as if shops were going to close for a month. As a European, who grew up in cold Germany, it amuses me to see how Tel Avivians panic when it comes to wind and rain. The infrastructure collapses every winter. On rainy days, you can’t get a cab, traffic lights and power don’t work and the southern part of Tel Aviv is under water. Although major renovations are underway, there’s still a north-south divide in the city, with the southern districts at the greatest disadvantage. Mayor Huldai still has a lot to do there.

Big waves and the rough winter sea


Anyone who’s followed my blog for a while knows that I love the Tel Aviv winter. A sweat-free season, where I can leave the house at any time without a water bottle to save me from heat stroke. I love to sleep with the window open and inhale the cool air. Without worrying that some disgusting brown beetle (chafer beetle) will creep over my head during the night. They are currently hibernating. I also love the rough sea in winter with its big waves, which surfers are already riding in the morning.

Our rooftop vegetable garden is also a fan of winter. Broccoli, chard and kale love the rain, the beds are exploding in rich tones of green. My eldest son Ben definitely has my german genes. He sleeps under a thin blanket with wide open windows and would prefer to switch the heating back to air conditioning mode. You read correctly, we don’t have heating but, like all Israelis, turn our air conditioning in winter to “heat”. Then it spits out warm air.

Double bass and black evening gown at Habima Square

Tel Aviv-habima-telavivnotes

Tel Aviv is always good for surprises. As I e-bike home from the Levontin neighborhood, I ride straight into an orchestra rehearsal by the young Jerusalem Philharmonic Orchestra. Open air at Habima Square. Classical sounds in a breathtaking setting. I then treat myself to an almond milk latte in Loveat Habima, one of the most beautiful locations to sip it in the garden of Helena Rubinstein Pavilion. Elated, I cycle home listening to my best of Venice Beach playlist and think: I’m so thankful to live in this cool city!

translation: Catherine Bradshaw





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    I Wish you will grant visiting Visa to Israel.
    Thank You.

  2. Good article, your sharing is so nice, love your work!

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