Tel Aviv Airbnb Tips – Best Areas for Airbnb in Tel Aviv

Ebook about the best Tel Aviv Airbnb AreasAs in other major cities, travelers to Tel Aviv look for accommodation far from the big hotel chains. In the city center, new and often very expensive boutique hotels keep opening. The demand for home sharing and Airbnb accommodation in Tel Aviv is huge. In my Tel Aviv Airbnb Guide, I’ll show you the best neighborhoods for an Airbnb apartment for your next stay in Tel Aviv.

Renting apartments, houses or even just a single room from private individuals has many advantages. Prices for accommodation through Airbnb are often much lower than for hotels or apartments. The biggest advantage is the direct and immediate proximity to people. You’ll immerse yourself much faster in Tel Aviv’s lifestyle if you live where the locals live.

Finding the right accommodation from the mass of offers is not always easy. That’s why I researched the five best neighborhoods for Airbnb and describe them in detail in an 18-page e-book. That way you’ll know all there is to know to find the perfect accommodation on for your trip to Tel Aviv.

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