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Get inked! Tel Aviv’s best tattoo artists



I got my first and – so far! – only tattoo in Ibiza. Spontaneously. Although the idea had been floating around in my head for a long time, I never really had the courage to do it. My very first evening in Ibiza’s historical center, I came across a young guy with stunning tattoos on his arm. I asked him about the studio. He said the Inkadelic was right at the square below the historic center and still open. With the moral support of my daughter Lou, we set out to find the tattoo shop. Half an hour later, I already had my first little star on my forearm.

Passed-up-on tattoo in Los Angeles


I would have liked to get a second tattoo in Los Angeles but the waiting times for good artists are long.  Now the plan is to get the next one together with my friend Gloria in Tel Aviv. I’ve obviously done some research on where to get the best tattoos. Here are the top studios I recommend if you feel like taking a permanent body souvenir home with you from Tel Aviv.

But first a brief lesson on tattooing. Previously, there were only the old-school roses-anchor-sailor tattoos. Today, there’s a wide array of styles. Out of the old school emerged the new school featuring bold outlines, a refined technique and more shading. There are black and white tattoos, illustrative drawings, sketch work, geometric tattoos and dot work with dot-like inking.

Snir Rozensal’s Vision Tattoos


At the Vision Tattoo shop, located off Sheinkin Street, you’ll find yourself in the professional hands of Snir Rozensal, proud owner of the shop for almost 20 years. He’s known for his oriental style. Three other artists work at Snir’s (Boris Irisov, Ronit Rozensal and Peter Cohen), all recommendable when it comes to custom-made tattoos. 

The Vision Studio frequently hosts international tattoo artists.

Vision Tattoos, 5 Merkaz Baaley HaMelacha Street, Tel Aviv phone 03-6201626

Ink Donkey Tattoo in Florentin


pic: Avi Nassi Tattoo Artist

The Ink Donkey Tattoo shop is located in the hipster district Florentin. I once popped in to sniff around a bit and found the atmosphere friendly and the team helpful. The studio has very good reviews and was recommended to me several times. The tattoo artists work with various styles. Here too, the standard is high and all the equipment is approved by the Ministry of Health. If you’re in want of an idea, the Ink Donkey team will help you design your individual tattoo. 

Ink Donkey, 4 Yedidia Frenkel Street, Tel Aviv phone 03-6097229

Filigree tattoos by Noam Yona and Sara Koni


pic: FB by Sara Koni

There’s a lot of hype about Noam Yona and Sara Koni. The next available appointment is in January. Many celebs, as celebrities are called in Israel, get their tattoos at the shop in Givatayim, on the eastern edge of Tel Aviv. These two have a veritable fan base. Everybody swears by their professionalism, friendliness and patience. They both specialize in dotwork tattoos, which look like wonderful works of art on the body.

Noam Yona, 28, Katznelson Street, Givatayim, phone 054-7498927

Art workshop in Tattooizm


pic: FB Tattooizm

The Tattooizm is also located in Florentin. Daniel Gram’s and Gal Gershon’s studio is an art workshop. You can also get tattoos in a wide variety of styles here: geometric tattoos, dotwork, traditional or colorful drawings. Even comic motifs. Many of the people I’ve spoken to swear by the Tattooizm studio and the artists’ professionalism.

Tattooizm, 7 Rav Frenkel Street, Tel Aviv  phone 03-6240480

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translation: Catherine Bradshaw



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