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Of Shamans, Community and Cacti


I know, my writing has been a little scarce these days. It’s due to our pop-up shop Urban ShamanIt’s far more time consuming than I thought. Since Udi and I have to juggle everything on our own (and believe me, he juggles things a thousand times more than I do), it all adds up to a lot. The good thing is: the store is in full swing. Tel Avivians have instantly fallen for our urban jungle.

With heart and soul in the urban jungle


As I’m currently putting my heart and soul into it, I’m going to reveal a little of the backstage to you. We’re a concept store, which is to say, we’re idealists and we want (for starters) to provide Tel Aviv with a platform for a healthy lifestyle. We bring a bit of California to the heart of Tel Aviv: organic cold-pressed juices, sexy smoothie bowls, immunity shots and more. Udi devised the concept. I always say he should be giving TED talks because he can talk for hours on end about nutrition, sustainability and juice fasting in a charismatic way, without being in the least bit boring. And I swear to you, even when he talks about intestinal flora, people hang on his every word.

Cosmopolitan tribe at the bar and in the kitchen


I’m the newcomer, and although I’ve studied naturopathic medicine for two years, I’m first and foremost a journalist and writer. Our mutual affinity is based on a similar philosophy of life and esthetic mindset. A magnificent cactus, a sustainable bottle of cork or a smoothie bowl by Allison Wu will bring a twinkle to our eyes.

The best thing about Urban Shaman is definitely our team. It’s constantly growing and comprises people from all corners of the world. Currently working in the kitchen: a Greek, an Italian, two Israelis, a Brit, a Brazilian. Serving at the bar, among others, a yoga teacher from LA, a young Texan, a charming Brazilian, an Israeli drama student. We like to speak of our tribe, by which we mean the great crew and the guests who have quickly become regulars.

I would call it a community, even though that’s a somewhat well-worn expression. Are you also part of a community where you feel at ease? Do you like to surround yourselves with people who share your values? This can mean all kinds of things. An allotment garden, knitting lessons or a theater pass. I find there’s something very grounding about sharing the same values and interests. 

Plant paradise at Rabin Square


During the few hours off which I allow myself, there’s nothing I like more than strolling around the city. In addition to my e-bike, I’ve rediscovered my feet. Taking walks has its charm. Especially in the Tel Aviv fall. I immediately fell in love with the urban plant temple We love plants. The shop could just as well be in Venice Beach. As I often miss California, I was delighted by this little shop where, amidst succulents and cacti, I could daydream about Abbot Kinney Road. Needless to say, I didn’t return home empty-handed. I bought this mini cactus for my rooftop. Do you like it?


translation: Catherine Bradshaw


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