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My favorite plant-based spots in Tel Aviv 2017

Bana, the new plant temple


Tel Aviv has a new plant-based food temple: Bana. Chefs Hanoch Schechter and Dan Arvatz hold the culinary reins. The menu changes every day. You can eat divine avocado toasts here (almost as a good as at  Butcher’s Daughter in LA). But only almost. I tried the plant-based Caprese version and a nice cream for dessert. Which means ice cream without milk. Both delicious. Bana’s hip, so I would suggest you make a reservation.

Bana, 36, Nachmani Street, Tel Aviv

Pear feast at Meshek Barzilay


pic: FB Meshek Barzilay

The 100% organic restaurant in Neve Zedek is always worth a visit. Meshek Barzilay is all about homemade goods: cheese made from nuts instead of milk, amazing desserts like pear pie and the delicious, gluten-free Ethiopian teff bread. I like sitting at the bar and peeking into the kitchen. The inner courtyard is typically Neve Zedek: a small idyll, away from street noise. For those who like meat and cheese-free lasagna or vegetarian burgers, this is the right place. The menu also offers two Indian dishes – Thali and Massala Dosa, which taste super delicious. I usually order the buckwheat with steamed vegetables and raw tehina. Yummy.

Meshek Barzilay, 1, Achad Haam Street, Tel Aviv

Best cheese-free pizza at Green Cat


I have a weak spot for pizza and ever since I started eating plant-based food, I’ve denied myself the pleasure and the calories. But hidden in the hipster Florentin district is a vegan pizza paradise. By now, the small pizzeria is well known far beyond the borders of Florentin. For anyone who feels like biting into a crispy, cheese-free slice, the Green Cat is a must. Even for conventional pizza lovers. You won’t notice any difference. The base is crispy, the cashew-cheese a perfect substitute and the charming vibe in the small restaurant rounds it all off. Be sure to try it out.

Green Cat, 7, Levontin Street, Tel Aviv

Tremendous plant-based burger at Rainbow


A year ago, Rainbow opened its doors on central Rabin Square. You sit outside on bar stools and collect your food at the counter. Ok, no clean eating, but super fast-food. The hamburger is unbeatable. The fries too. There’s also vegan shawarma, kebabs and, as mentioned, the phenomenal Rainbow burger. The perfect place when hunger cravings attack.

Rainbow, Ivn Gvirol Street 88, Tel Aviv

Bier and Caesar’s Salad at Alegria


The 100% vegan Alegria is just around the corner from my place on northern Ivn Gvirol Street. The red-checkered tablecloths gleam from afar. I like coming here to eat a quick salad or to buy myself a mock-egg salad. Tastes like the original, just without cholesterol. The small restaurant only has a few dishes, but each one is really tasty. I also like to simply drink coffee or work here.


Alegria, 165, Ivn Gvirol Street, Tel Aviv

translation by Catherine Bradshaw


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