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My blog probably magically attracted you, because you’re either just as much in love with Tel Aviv as I am, or because you’re burning to find out more about Tel Aviv. In that case, you’re right on track here! You can find my newest blog posts on my homepage as well as the almost 100 articles I’ve published so far on telavivnotes. I offer you insider tips on beaches, markets, winebars, Tel Aviv security and so much more. I also report on current events in Tel Aviv, such as the Samsung Marathon. Those who are interested in Tel Aviv’s magnificent architecture and history, and have a penchant for all things nostalgic, will enjoy articles like “Rothschild Boulevard as historybook” or “The last Jekkes of Cafe Mersand”.

Do you wonder how I ended up in Tel Aviv in the first place? I’ll tell you, there were two previous stops: Frankfurt and Paris.

About me – FRANKFURT

I’m Naomi Bubis and I was born in Frankfurt am Main. I lived there till I graduated from high school, cultivating my love for gummi bears. For me, Frankfurt was: a childhood amongst squirrels and chestnuts in the park, and some boisterous teenage years as a punk with a dyed green mohawk. Right after graduation I moved to Paris. Why Paris? Because a large part of my family lives there, French is my mother tongue (German, my father’s language), and because I wanted to live abroad. Hence, Paris was the obvious choice.  

About me – PARIS

I studied political science, although I would have preferred to go to art school, but didn’t enroll in time. On the side, I worked for German newspapers and magazines. After three intense years in Paris, during which I spent my days addicted to movies and museums, while dancing the nights away, I decided to go back to Frankfurt. I completed my political science degree at the university. I still always like to visit Frankfurt and Paris. Most recently so in April 2017, as I wrote about in my blog article “Trip to my Hometown Frankfurt”.

About me – TEL AVIV

Naomi in Tel Aviv

It was always clear to me that I would live in Tel Aviv someday. Before I was ready to take that step, I was a journalist for local newspapers in Frankfurt, worked with the Hessian Broadcasting Company and discovered TV as a medium for me. Together with my co-writer Sharon Mehler, I made television documentaries. Our documentary “Hope Bombed to Pieces”, about the Palestinian suicide bomber who, in 1996, killed 13 Israelis by blowing himself up at the Tel Aviv Dizengoff Center, had a lasting impact on me. During the research for the film it once again became clear to me that Tel Aviv is my city and the place I’d like to live. Before long, I packed my records and books and moved.

For many years, I worked as a foreign correspondent for the features section of the Neue Zürcher Zeitung. Then I felt like something new and studied integrative medicine for two years and since then have switched to a plant-based diet. Tel Aviv is a vegan’s paradise. I enjoy writing about it, for instance in my article“Comfort Food: Addicted to Buddah Bowls” or in my blogpost “In a Tel Aviv State of Mind”.

Today, I live happily in Tel Aviv with my three wonderful children Ben, Lou and Ron, and my female dog Joya. You can get glimpses of my private life with my kids on my blog from time to time. I wrote, for example, about a nerv-wracking night at a Tel Aviv Hosptital as well as about Ron’s big day at his Barmitzwa.

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