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5 rituals I perform every morning

5 Rituale meditation

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#short meditation

So far, I’ve only meditated with my “10 Percent Happier” app by Dan Harris. From bed to pillow. In all conceivable variations. Never more than 15 minutes. Today, a new world opened to me. The wonderful Madhvadi from the great Kaerlighed lifestyle and yoga blog is currently visiting us. And what could be better than being introduced to a new meditation by her?

And right before a dental appointment, for that matter. That’s when I could do with a hundred meditations. Half an hour, eyes closed and breathing calmly, surrounded by the herbs on my rooftop terrace. I swear to you I may have been tense, but on the inside I was more relaxed sitting on that accursed chair like a beetle on its back than usual. And while the dentist kept drilling and giving injections, I just thought: breathe in, breathe out. 

#Morning Pages

It doesn’t work out every morning, but almost. When I get up too late, I unfortunately have to drop the morning pages. No, I’m not talking about reading the newspaper. It’s something I learned from the author and creativity-coach Julia Cameron and her inspiring book The Artist’s Way“. You write down everything that comes to mind.

Without thinking about it. A stream of thought devoid of reason. You write by hand, three full pages. That’s exactly what I do, write unfiltered no matter what. I’m more creative on the morning pages days. My day takes off to a more relaxed start. When I reread my morning pages after a certain period of time has passed, I gain new perspectives on my thinking. A good tool for personal development. At least in my opinion. Try it out.

#coffee from the macchinetta

This is my ritual treat in the morning. To fill my macchinetta with organic coffee from the Loveat coffee shop. As the coffee bubbles up, a pungent aroma pervades the kitchen. I like to drink the first cup outside in the garden. Even when it’s chilly (not too often in TLV) or tropically hot (often). Nothing beats this morning time-out. There was a time when even a soluble Nescafé, quickly stirred in the cup, would do it for me. A few years ago, I came to value fresh coffee of high quality (you can find the best TLV coffee shops here). It has something to do with savoring. I think one should treat oneself to the good things in life.  

hug my children

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Our wake-up procedure in the morning always involves hugging. I get up earlier so as to have time for myself and the rituals mentioned above. Waking the children up tenderly is a must. There are days when the children are grumpy, but we hug nonetheless. There’s no better way to start the day. This time frame before school belongs entirely to them. I set everything else aside then. Plucking strawberries for Ron, sitting at the table together. Even without saying a word.

When a cloud of fragrance wafts through the house, I know: Ben’s awake. Lou’s the first out of bed and the first to leave the house. She’s independent and does everything by herself. As soon as the three of them grab their backpacks and are out of the house, I quickly skim-read the paper, read and answer mails. Then the day can (almost) begin.

#take Joya for a walk

Our female XXL-dog Joya patiently waits till it’s her turn. At the dog age of ten, she’s pretty laid-back. Relaxed, she snoozes through the morning storm, waiting for me to have time for her. If it takes too long she will make herself heard. Wolf-like howling, muzzle raised. I try to never schedule my appointments too early so we have time for Hayarkon Park. The green oasis, Tel Aviv’s Central Park.   

Now it’s the most beautiful season for long walks. The city’s in full bloom. In the park, we come across small children in handcarts, joggers, cyclists, retirees with Filipino caregivers. A few young dogs frolic around in the fenced dog park. We walk back along Ivn Gvirol Street, past some hummus shops, that are still closed, the shoemaker and Café Horkanus. Restaurants and cafés are always crowded in TLV.  At any time of the day. At Milano Square, we take a turn towards the Conservatory of Music. Back home.

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What are your mornings like? Do you also have set rituals? Write about it in the comments section…

Translation by Catherine Bradshaw



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