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Shanti Music, Yoga and Hatred of Jews


babylon tel aviv

Tel Aviv is always full of surprises. A few days ago, I was at a singing-happening in Habima Square. Sound weird? No choral singing, instead some hippies with bongos and guitars, who call themselves Babylon. At the same time, similar musical get-togethers were taking place in other major cities like Washington, Barcelona and Berlin. It’s about cosmic vibes, and since I don’t have an esoteric bone in my body, I just like the music and the community feeling. If it also serves the cosmos? All the better.

Three Om’s for the Cosmos

babylon tel aviv

I see a lot of young Israelis who’ve just come back from India or think they’re still there. Bare feet, baggy pants, blissful eyes, smell of grass. I feel at ease, even though I’ve never been to India. Maybe the affinity lies in my practicing yoga. The evening starts with three Om’s that fade into the Tel Aviv summer sky. There’s something very powerful about hundreds of people humming Om. Children are clambering upon scattered mats, elderly ladies in floral dresses on folding chairs are singing, while in the inner circle, twenty musicians sing melodies and drum with heart and soul.

Open-Air Yoga Session at Namal Tel Aviv

Did you know that in June, Tel Aviv celebrates the official month of yoga? Best opportunity to roll out the mats and try out an hour of yoga, no strings attached, with other Tel Avivers. I participated in an open-air yoga session at Namal Tel Aviv yesterday. The city offers this platform in cooperation with Ella Yoga the entire month. Whoever happens to be in TLV on the 15th, the 20th and the 27th can unroll their mat on the deck outside Ella Yoga Studio at 7 pm.

The Hatred of Jews in Europe

antisemitismus frankreich

pic: Etienne Laurent

After these lovely events came the boomerang by mail in the form of a web link. Everyone’s talking about it, but have you seen the censored documentary  ‘Chosen and Excluded – The Hate on Jews in Europe’? The Bild newspaper shows us what Arte doesn’t want to broadcast. The plain truth about anti-Semitism in France and Germany. In all its hideous facets. For weeks on end there were discussions as to whether or not the documentary, funded through public TV license fees, should be broadcast or not. However Arte and WDR got cold feet as Joachim Schroeder and Sophie Haefner‘s film exposes the naked truth about anti-Jewish resentments among the population.

Young Left-Wing Activists and Evangelical Retirees

The documentary shows young left-wing activists who have no inkling of history, heatedly chanting anti-Semitic slogans during a Free Palestine demonstration. And then there are those concerned, white-haired evangelical ‘Women for Peace‘, who organize boycott campaigns against Israel and participate in the Israel Apartheid Week. It makes me sick. These retiree women disseminate statements like: ‘Israel kills Palestinian children out of revenge‘ and ‘Israelis completely caught up in victim mind-frame‘.  End of quote. How much more undifferentiated can it get? And SPD chancellor candidate, Martin Schulz, who rates the defamatory nonsense that Abbas delivered to the EU parliament as an inspiring speech.

The hatred with which these activists press on, pulls the rug out from under one’s feet. Oh yes, Israelis are poisoning the Mediterranean, I forgot to quote that. Hats off to the two dedicated authors for documenting how the Hamas government in Gaza is misappropriating billions in EU and UN aid, preferring to build pompous mansions for themselves rather than investing in sewer systems and schools. When I see the hateful images from Sarcelles and Paris, the violence against French Jews, I understand why they are emigrating to Israel. If one, as a Jew, has to be afraid of wearing a kippah in a public space, then Europe is failing to live up to its human values.

 Translation by Catherine Bradshaw

What’s your opinion on the docu? Who saw it? Add some comments….





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