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Tel Aviv’s return to everyday life


At the end of August, Tel Aviv suddenly changes. Tourists leave the city. After an endless ten weeks, school has started again. Mornings, you see children and teenagers with backpacks, bikes or skateboards in the streets, rushing to class. I like the return to everyday life. Although in three weeks we’re already on holiday again:  Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, and Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement.

The illusion of fall and bakeries


The end of the summer holidays is accompanied by the illusion of fall. We don’t have proper seasons, after all. Just an endless summer and a wonderful, mild winter. The months from October to December are among the best times for your Tel Aviv travel. Countering the beach tourism cycle, the sea still nice and warm and the evenings mild. My favorite months. After having survived hot and humid August, I long for sweatshirts and jeans. Every year it’s the same.

I’m always astonished at how quickly the city changes. On every corner a house is being renovated, new residential towers creep into the sky, cafés close, new restaurants open. It’s the dynamic of our city. In my neighborhood alone, the old north  three new shops have opened on Yehuda Maccabi Street in the last few months. A supermarket and two bakeries: Roladin and Boutique Central  next to the Tushia Bakery and Shemo’s pastry shop. There are now four times as many pastries on this short street section! Israelis like to eat, that’s for sure.

Surfers and dogs on my way to the pool


Another end of holiday bonus: I can go swimming again. I tried to swim my laps in a crowded pool in August a few times, in between air mattress floats and whooping children. This morning I almost had the pool to myself. I threw a towel and swimming goggles in my backpack very early in the morning and dashed across the beach to the pool. At Hilton Beach, I almost collided with a surfer smuggling his board across the bikeway. Suddenly, I was surrounded by loads of surfers, must’ve been a competition, I guess. Including photographers and a tent with cool surf equipment.

Water is my element


I love water, it’s my element. Yoga’s great, but swimming’s far more my thing. Every time I immerse my head into the water, I experience little moments of bliss. I find it really important to start the day off on the right foot. For a month, I’ve been meditating every morning: rise, pee, meditate. Still half asleep, I sit on my pillow, close my eyes, breathe and let different apps guide me through a meditation. Guided meditation. After having played Dan Harris’10% Happier app no end, I now use Insight TimerIt offers you a vast selection and has a suitable meditation for everyone I think.

Morning caffeine shot at Cortado


By the way, I have a new favorite café, if you could call it a “café”. The Cortado ‘s a small coffee booth with incredibly good coffee and friendly baristas. If you’re in the south side of the city, at the lower end of Rothschild, you should drop by the Nahalat Binyamin and definitely drink a home-roasted coffee here. Guaranteed tourist-free, only locals get their caffeine shot here. 

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