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Ultimate checklist for the Tel Aviv summer

Tel Aviv Summer

About the Tel Aviv summer: Although it’s still cool, one can already feel summer approaching during the day. Things then go really fast, no slow transitions. You wake up and it’s summer. Tel Aviv’s currently in full bloom. I enjoy that and don’t long for summer at all. Tourists, of course, see it differently as they’re after the beach and warm swimming water. That’s not how I see it though.

Naturally, it’s nice to walk around in flip flops for the next eight months and watch the bright orange evening-sun sink into the sea. I, however, enjoy the last weeks before the city becomes stuffy and the air conditioners spit out cold air in the still of the night. I’m still able to go shopping at midday, relaxed and walk with Joya on the pavement without her burning her paws.

How to best prepare yourself for the summer in Tel Aviv? Here come the ultimate tips.

# a bottle of water in the bag

The Tel Aviv Summer is hot

Dehydration occurs quickly with the high temperatures in Tel Aviv summer.  A small bottle of water belongs in the bag, like your wallet and cell phone. The plentiful juice stands, which you can find everywhere, are also a source of refreshment. Buy yourself a green smoothie, a freshly pressed juice or coconut water for the road. This always helps against heat-induced lows.

#timeout on the shady boulevards in Tel Aviv summer

timeout on the shady boulevards in Tel Aviv summer

It’s better to walk under trees. So, go and find the boulevards and explore Tel Aviv by foot: Rothschild, Nordau, Ben-Gurion, Chen, Ben Zion, Shaul Hamelech. Benches and espresso kiosks invite one to sit down, providing a good lookout point for people watching. I like to do that: sprawl on a bench with iced coffee and a good friend and watch whoever passes by.

#where to put my towel down

The Tel Aviv beach in summer

You want to go to the beach in Tel Aviv summer? Find yourselves a spot away from the big hotel chains. Gordon and Frishman are notoriously overcrowded during the hot months. Preferable are Mezizim Beach, Hof Hazuk to the north or Alma Beach. Avoid the midday hours. Experience the beach early in the morning, when sprightly retirees dive into the waves. Late afternoon is also nice, with a beer at sunset. Stay clear of the beach on Saturdays. True Tel Avivians spend Shabbat at a friend’s place rather than at the beach.

#eat summer ice-cream

A sweet must in summer. I’ll soon put together a list of the top five places for you. There are ice-cream parlors for every taste: ice cream in giant cones, vegan and gluten-free ice cream, matcha ice cream, sorbet, frozen yoghurt. And the classic banana-chocolate at the beach. Brought directly to the seashore in Styrofoam boxes by ice-cream vendors.

Summer Ice Cream in Tel Aviv

pic: Ido Biran

#rent an e-bike

Summer bike tour cross the city

There’s nothing better than exploring Tel Aviv by e-bike. Additional summer bonus factor: tailwinds. Outdoor air-conditioning. You’re lightning-fast and can spontaneously stop wherever you want. Without walking yourself to death, sweating or looking for a parking space (something which doesn’t exist in TLV). That’s my best tip. With a full battery, you can easily cruise around the city all day long. What are you waiting for?

Do you have other tips for Tel Aviv summer? Write them down in the comments section…

translation: Catherine Bradshaw


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